kelikkk la saya pelisss!!


saja nak listkan kat sini cerita yg sara dah tengok....


1.Boy before flower (lee min ho,kim hyun joon)
2.The first shop coffee prince
3.Personal preference (lee min ho)
4.Full house (Bi)
5.Smile,you ~ 45 episode!
6.My girl (Lee dong wook)
7.Michievouse kiss (kim hyun joon)
8.Love marriage
9.Stars falling from the sky
10.Goong S
11.Queen of housewive (oh ji ho)
12.Couple or trouble (oh ji ho)
13.When its at night
14.Sweet 18
15.Get karl! oh soon jung (oh ji ho)
16.She is nineteen
17.Wonderful life
18.Stairway to heaven
19.Marrying a millionaire
20.Tree of heaven
22.My love pattzi
23.Powerful opponents
24.Why did u come to my house
25.Mr Goodbye (ahn jae wook) 8/10
26.Single dad in love ~ open ending (oh ji ho)
27.Oh phil seung and bong soon young
29.My name is kim sam soon
31.Secret garden
32.Mary stayed out all night
33.Kim of baking kim tak goo (yoon si yoon)
34.9 ends 2 outs
35.Take care of the young lady
36.My princess
37.Hong Gil dong (kang Ji hwan)
38.Lie to me (kang ji hwan)
39.Capital scandal (kang ji hwan)
40.A love to kill (RAIN)
41.Fugitive plan B
43.Romance town
44.Protect the boss ~ boring!!
45.Myung wol the spy ~ boring!!
46. Coffee house ~ boring!
47.City hunter (lee min ho)
48. Man of honor @ glory Jane
49.49 days
50.Bachelor's vegetable store
51.Me too,flower! (yoon si yoon!!)
52.My girlfriend is gumiho (Lee seunggi)
54.Color of women
55.Wild romance (Lee Dong Wook)
56.Love rain
57.Man of equitor
58.Love become money
59.Big 9/10
60.Bridal mask 8/10
61.Haeundae lover 8/10
62.Flower boys ramyun shop 7/10
63.My husband got a family 7/10
64.I do i do 8/10
65.Gentlemans dignity 10/10
66.Cinderella's step sister 8/10
67. The king's two heart 8/10
68.Flowerboy next door 7/10
69.Scent of a women (lee dong wok) 10/10
70.100 years inheritance (50ep) 10/10
71.Can you hear my heart 8/10
72.When a men loves.10/10
73.Incarnation of money (24ep) 10/10
74.Cheongdamdong alice 7/10
75.I miss you 7/10
76.What's up fox 8/10
77.Ad genius Lee Tae Baek 8/10
78.Faith (lee min ho) ~ 10/10
79.Mandate of heaven ~ 10/10
80. Jang Ok Jung 9/10
81.The heirs ~ 10/10
82.Reply 1994  10/10
83.Bel ami  7/10
84.Bride of the century 8/10
85.Empress ki (50 episode!) 10/10
86.Big man. 8/10
87.Hotel king 8/10
88.Fated to love you (korea) 7/10
89.Marriage not dating 8/10
90.Blade man 7/10
91.My lovable girl 7/10
92.You all are surrounded 8/10
93.Arang and the magistrate 10/10
94.Gu family book (lee seunggi) 9/10
95. The moon that embraces the sun 10/10
96.Healer 8/10
97.Heart to heart 8/10
98.The legendary witch 8/10
99.Maids (oh ji ho) 10/10
100.Chuno 10/10
101.Sungkyungkwan scandal 10/10
111.Oh my ghost! 9/10
112.Dong Yi (60 episode) 10/10
113.Merchant Kim Man Deok (lee mi yeon) 10/10
114.Iljimae (lee jung ki,han kyo joo) 8/10
115.Scholar who walk the night (Lee jun ki) 10/10
116.Queen In Hyun's man  9/10
117.Descendants of the sun (song jong ki) 10/10
118.Two weeks (lee jung ki) 10/10
119.Its ok thats love 9/10
120.Jackpot (jang geun suk,yoo jin goo) 10/10
121.Mirror of the witch 8/10
122.Police unit 38 / squad 38 9/10
123.Doctors 9/10
124.Let's fight ghost 9/10
125.Uncontrollably fond 9/10
126. W 9/10
127. Scarlet heart ryeo 10/10
128.Jealousy Incarnate 10/10
129. K2 9/10
130. Best wedding/ greatest marriage 9/10
131. Sweet stranger and me 8/10
132.Goblin 10/10
133.The Legend Of the blue sea 9/10
134.Birth of a beauty 9/10
135.The Gentlemen of wolgyesu tailor shop (54ep) 9/10
136. Hwarang :The Beginningm 8/10
137.That winter the wind blows 9/10
138.Six flying Dragons 50ep 10/10

1.SHE IS 200 YEARS OLD (5 episode)
2.splash splah love (10 episode)

TAIWANESE DRAMA start with a kiss start with a kiss 2
3.autum's concerto
4.easy fortune happy life
5.fated to love you

1.71:into the fire girlfriend is an agent
3.100 days with mr.arrogant
4.200 pound beauty
5.a millionaire first love and me
7.gangster lover
8.he was cool
9.kiss me kill me
10.le grand chef 2
11.marrying the mafia 1 boss my hero father little bride
15.mind and love girl and i
17.mind and love way
19.chilling romance
20.A warewolf boy
21.commitment (top bigbang)
22.the grand heist
23. Chronicle of a Blood Merchant (2015)
25.friend,the great legacy
26.spirits' homecoming
27.Seondal: the man who sells the river
28.The magician (2015)
29.The last princess love my bride
31.Tazza:the hidden card
33.My Annoying brother
34.The Exclusive:Beat the devils tatoo
35.Time Renegades
36.Twenty (2015)


1. Running man
2.2 days 1 night season 1
3.we got married season 1 outing season 1
5.strong heart season 1,2
6.infinity challenge
7.night after night
8.come to play king
10.2 days 1 night season 2
11.ya shim man man
12.happy together
13.invisible youth friends
15.roommates season 1
16.superman return
17.ask us anything/knowing brother

1. Grey's anatomy season 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
2.Desperate housewive season 1-8

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