kelikkk la saya pelisss!!

oh tidakkk...

just nak share... hero paberet saya dah nak pegi join army... nanti lama lah nak tunggu muka dia lagi... selalunya 2 tahun kalau tak silap...

Hyun Bin said his good byes through his last movie before joining the army.

He said through the movie company “I had a great time in Berlin. I want to share the glory of being able to stand in an international spot to the fans that care for me.”

He continued, “I will remember the adventures I had recently and will return in 2 years as a more mature actor.”

The movie “I Love You, I Don’t Love You” will be his last work before leaving off for the navy and will open in theaters on March 3rd. He said “I need to meet with you fans through fan signs and press conferences but I won’t be able to so I’m sorry for that. Just like the character who let his love go without realizing the end, I am still not feeling the reality of me going to the navy.”

He finished by saying “Although I won’t be available for the fan meets, I hope the movie is satisfactory.”

He will enter the navy on the 7th of March.

good luck hyun bin!

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