kelikkk la saya pelisss!!

city hunter

currently downloading citer ni...tetiba rasa nak tengok citer action plak... citer ni baru lagi tak silapnya mei tahun ni jugak... lee min ho woooot wooot!! dan baru tahu rupanya lee min ho n park min young (main actress dlm citer ni) betul2 couple...hehehe...

The story starts in 1983. The South Korean President and his delegates are visiting Myanmar when a bomb planted by North Korea explodes, killing some high ranking officials (but not the president). To strike back, five South Korean officials plan an underground operation to kill various North Korean agents. Unbeknownst to the South Korean president, Lee Jin-Pyo (Kim Sang Joong) and Park Moo-Yul (Park Sang Min) who work as bodyguards for the Blue House, organize a 20-men troop to execute the plan. However, as the operation was taking place, the five high-ranking officials change their minds, aborting the plan.
The operation is successful, but as the troops swim to the submarine which would take them back to South Korea, a sniper from the submarine shoots down all the troop members except Lee Jin-Pyo. As the only survivor of the ambush, the swims back to South Korea alone. There he finds out that there were five officials responsible for aborting the operation.
Promising to avenge his fallen comrades, including his best friend Park Moo Yul, he snatches Moo-Yul's son and flees to the mountains of Thailand. There, he trains the child intensively in combat. After an attack on the village, confesses to the child, Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho), about his long-term plan for revenge.
Seven years later, Lee Yoon-Sung returns to South Korea to fulfill the plan for revenge. He enters the Blue House (presidential palace) as an IT expert under the National Communication Network Team. He is warned not to trust anyone and not to fall in love, as the people around him will be in danger.
At the Blue House, he meets bodyguard Kim Na Na (Park Min Young). The story of love and revenge begins

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